To create a plan:
  • select the 'Create plan' tab in the menu bar at the top of the screen.Either select an available template from the drop-down box, or click on the link select here to write a generic DMP
  • click to open a pop-screen
  • Click on “Cancel” to use a default template or click on the box “Create plan” to create your own personalized DMP.
To write a plan:
  • Click on the “My plans” tab and select the appropriate template. A summary of the plan details is displayed.
  • Click on the “Answer questions” tab 'Plan overview' includes basic administrative details, tells you what sets of questions and guidance your plan is based on and gives you an overview of the questions that you will be asked.
  • Click on Edit Plan tab' to display different sections
  • Click on these in turn to answer the questions. You can format your responses using the text editing buttons.
  • Click the '+' symbol if guidance is needed.
  • Remember to 'save' your responses before leaving a section.
Exporting plan:
  • The 'Export' tab allows you to save a copy of your plan in various formats.Select the most appropriate format.
  • NB: Should the DMP have been edited after an export, the new version should be indicated in your plan. All versions of the plan should be kept. The plan should be reviewed and modified continuously during the research project.
Sharing a plan:
  • The 'Share' tab allows you to invite others to read or contribute to your plan.
  • The “Add collaborator” tab allows the addition of a new name.
  • The email address of viewers/collaborators should be listed along with the selected access permission for each person. Possible permissions include read-only, edit and co-owner.